Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Featured Artist. Liz Hammel's Hoop Dreams

Welcome to Liz Hammel’s Hoop Dreams.

I learned about Liz’s art when she sent me a link to her website. Liz has used the vintage mother of pearl sequins available at Bumbershoot Supplies and kindly shared her designs with me. I was pretty excited because Liz is the first featured artist I have located who is using our vintage supplies to embellish stitched canvases.

Liz is a retired art historian, in her words “happily creating whimsy in thread and objects”.

There is a strong presence of nature in Liz’s work, both in the materials she uses (silk, mother of pearl, linen, jade, amber, and many others) and in the designs she draws with her needle.

Some of the pieces with heavy threadwork remind me of the grain in the bark of trees. They also remind me of the heavy swirls of paint impressionists like Van Gogh laid down on their canvases.

I found lots of inspiration in these beautifully stitched meditations on color, line and texture.

I hope you will enjoy a visit to Liz’s website for a view into her world of stitched whimsy, her Hoop Dreams.

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