Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Surprise! Hairpins With Vintage Flower Cabochons

Aren't these beautiful!?!

I received this surprise box of treats in the mail a few days ago from my friend and fellow Etsy seller, Anne Toprak of PlumCreek22.  Wow, how exciting to receive an unexpected present!

Anne makes beautiful hair pins using vintage cabochons. These particular pins feature vintage glass and mother of pearl cabochons she purchased from Bumbershoot Supplies.  I just love seeing what happens to our supplies, and it is an extra treat to see the finished product in person. We were thinking of Anne - on the day they arrived Emma was wearing a flower hair pin that I had purchased as a Christmas gift for a niece, and that never made it out of our house :)

Beautifully presented on decorated cards and wrapped with some kimono silk that she knows I love, Anne infuses her work and presentation with her kind and generous spirit.
Namaste, Anne!

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  1. Namaste, Sharon. I'm glad the pins were such a hit. I am thinking of you and your family.(Love these photos)

    Anne at PlumCreek22